Overhead Lineworker Traineeship

Gaeltec’s core areas of expertise are Energy Transmission and Distribution Systems and Telecommunications Fibre Network Solutions.

With the Overhead Lineworker Traineeship we are selecting a new generation of professionals to join our team in an exciting opportunity with vast career progression opportunities.

In the Overhead Lineworker Traineeship the selected candidates will be given the opportunity to develop a career in the Power sector, and will develop the necessary knowledge and skills involved in the Construction and Maintenance of Overhead Power Lines across all voltages.

The programme takes place in Kilkenny, and starts on the 16th of April 2018.

The selection process of candidates is now open, and candidates should apply by submitting their CV to Gaeltec Utilities Ltd, on hr@gaeltecutilities.com and must reference “Overhead Lineworker Traineeship”

Candidates must fulfil the following entry requirements:

  • Must have driving license
  • Must pass a medical assessment
  • Must be able to work at heights
  • Must possess the minimum fitness levels for a role of this kind
  • Must be willing to work nationwide
  • Previous experience in Construction or Agriculture is considered a plus
  • Over 18 years of age