Telmo Cabrita

Managing Director Ireland


Since May 2023, Telmo has been enhancing operations and driving growth as Gaeltec Utilities’ Managing Director.

He is responsible for executing the organisation’s strategic plan and financial goals, overseeing Energy and Telecoms divisions, while ensuring the success of Gaeltec’s clients.

A Computer and Electronic Systems Engineer, Telmo started his career in Telecoms in 1998 and joined Gaeltec in 2004, helping establish it as a key partner of ESB Networks in developing a modern energy utilities provider.

Telmo then moved to the ICT sector, leading teams across Europe to deliver for clients like Bank of Ireland, Virgin Media, Microsoft and 3 Ireland. He also led organisational change programs for British Telecoms, refining his skills in managing multidisciplinary service providers.

With extensive consulting experience, Telmo understands the challenges and opportunities faced by key stakeholders. This has enable him to lead teams in delivering client value propositions across Energy, Telecoms, Media, Financial Services, and Software sectors.

Telmo’s leadership fosters collaboration and teamwork, empowering his teams to deliver exceptional results for clients.